Good morning loyal Eatuppers (we know you’re loyal because you’re reading this blog even though you know what’s inside it.) This fine Tuesday brings you yet another wonderful Whizz-by workout. All these April showers (or gale force winds and monsoon rains) means that motivation to get out and about and exercise is at an all-time low, so this week we bring you a workout challenge you can do with some equally motivated colleagues at work.

We call this one ‘Penny for your Plank’ *cue groans*

During every break you have, invite your colleagues to join you in your plank challenge. We’re not talking about that plank where everyone lay down on everything like a beached whale, we’re talking the good and proper ab killer plank.

Before you start, everyone puts a penny in to a kitty (think mason jar, old coffee cup, empty file etc) and then you all drop to the floor and plank.
If you are not sure how to plank, this is how:

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 16.43.08

The person who lasts the longest gets a point.

Repeat this for every break, throwing in a penny each time, until the end of the day. The person with the most points walks away with a bunch of pennies, and everyone else achieves an enormous sense of well-being (and a painful abdomen.)

Disclaimer: This is only a Whizz-by workout if you are mortal like most of us and can’t hold plank for a significantly long time. If you know you’re a plank master, either do the decent thing and crumble early to make everyone feel better, or go for glory and take all the pennies home to shower over your washboard abs.


With lunch,