Another week, another excuse, right? WRONG. Proudly presenting the second ever Eatupp weekly Whizz-by Workout. If you missed the first one, the principle is that you can do these workouts in a short space of time, with limited space and resources, and achieve maximum impact. You might feel too embarrassed to do them in public, or in your office, but remember the embarrassment will only last 5 minutes but your metabolism will keep working all day.

This week’s Whizz-by Workout is a little squat challenge for you. All you need is a phone/laptop/tablet/whatever kind of new-fangled device that plays music/has Youtube/Spotify/Tidal (yeah right). You may be familiar with the song Flower by Moby, and the infamous press-up challenge that goes with it? If not, watch it here.

Anyway, the principle is the same. When they ‘bring Sally down’ you squat down, when they ‘bring Sally Up’ you stand up straight. After you’ve stood up, you have to stay up until they ‘bring Sally down’ again and similarly once they ‘bring Sally down’ you have to wait until they ‘bring Sally up’ to stand up again. Sounds simple, right?

This one gets a good old burn going in your legs. The song is only 3:26 long. Can you spare three and a half minutes for your legs today? That is the definition of a Whizz-by Workout.

With lunch,