It can be difficult to remember that life past the edge of your desk exists during the week. Your existence is a sequence of average coffees, spreadsheets and Buzzfeed quizzes. But fear not, it’s Thursday! And that means the majority of the week is over and you can start planning to be a human being with a purpose again. At Eatupp, we understand that, due to the aforementioned zombie state of being that takes hold during the week, it can be difficult to rally yourself to plan for the weekend, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do it for you. Here is our round up of the five best things you can do this weekend to avoid wasting those two precious days of freedom!

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Polyphonic Playground
What the heck: This weekend is your last chance to get over to House of Vans and explore the Polyphonic playground. It might be swings and roundabouts, but this immersive audio-visual experience is the best playtime you’ll have this week
Where the heck: House of Vans, near Waterloo station
When the heck: Until this Sunday

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Bottomless Afternoon Tea
What the heck: It doesn’t get more British than bottomless afternoon tea, does it? Every Saturday you can enter the wonderful and wacky Simmons Soho and be served up teapot cocktails and tasty treats
Where the heck: Simmons Soho, Bateman Street
When the heck: Every Saturday. But you should go this Saturday

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Vogue 100: A Century of Style
What the heck: Vogue 100 is a celebration of the centenary of… you guessed it – Vogue. The exhibition features over 280 prints documenting the rise, influence and story of British Vogue since it was founded in 1916.
Where the heck: The National Portrait Gallery
When the heck: Until May 22nd

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Jazz at Lincoln Centre Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis
What the heck: Think glissandos and flourishes and and jazz, as Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Centre Orchestra pay tribute to George Gershwin at the Barbican.
Where the heck: The Barbican, Silk Street
When the heck: Saturday 20th February, 19:30

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Lady Chastity’s Reserve
What the heck: Described as ‘The Crystal Maze on crystal meth’, Lady Chastity’s Reserve is Handmade Mysteries’ latest immersive game. Players are invited to solve the secrets in time to win a bottle of Lady Chastity’s fabled aphrodisiac wine. Sounds like a fun Saturday evening, right?
Where the heck: The Four Thieves, South London OR People’s Park Tavern, East London
When the heck: Any time you’re feeling lucky

There’s your weekend planned for you. You can thank us on Sunday night.

With lunch,