It’s official.

We’re new on the scene. Fresh out the kitchen. Hitting the streets. Eatupp is here at last. What? You don’t know what Eatupp is? You don’t know what we’re about? What we’re doing here?

Well, we’ll let you into a little secret. We’re changing how Londoners eat. One delivery at a time. Gone are the days of mediocre meal deals featuring a deflated hummus wrap with some grated carrot and a bag of poppadom crisps to make you feel less guilty. And you can forget all about droopy egg muffins and stale cheese and ham bagels…

Eatupp is the revolution. Our mission, which we choose to accept, is to bring Londoners – that’s you we’re talking about – wholesome, delicious food. Every. Single. Day.


Look at that beautiful juice. LOOK AT IT.

We are specialists in breakfast, lunch and dinner, and pretty much everything else too. Before we even get to raving about our food, let’s talk about our drinks section which features anything but your standard juices – expect to be delighted by our freshly-squeezed apple and orange juices, and our utterly delicious super juices which are quite literally bursting with antioxidants and nutrients.

We’re pretty sorted on the breakfast front too. The aim is to stop the 25% of you who are skipping breakfast from doing so, because that’s just simply no way to live your life. You’ve been granted limited time on this planet and for the love of bacon you should be spending at least 593,320 minutes of that time eating breakfast. (Yes, that is based on a legit calculation.) Our breakfast offering has something for everyone – from fresh market fruit pots to stacks of pancakes. We believe that breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day, and we applaud the 75% of you who have already got breakfast eating under control, but for the rest of you – we’re not mad, we’re just disappointed, but we want to help.


Don’t even act like you didn’t notice these babies.

Lunch and dinner are whole other stories. Surely everyone eats lunch, right? Everyone has dinner every night, no? But are you eating the RIGHT lunch? The RIGHT dinner? We’d guess that you’re probably not. A steak bake doesn’t count as a nutritional lunch nor does a tiny plastic pot with a leaf of spinach and a boiled egg in it. And you shouldn’t have to settle for greasy, gritty takeaways for dinner when you’re busy. Our chefs are ridiculously talented and creative, and they’re pretty damn good at cooking too, so your everyday food from us is NOT your everyday food. At the risk of sounding salesy and pushy, if you don’t believe us, you’re just going to have to order and try us.

This could literally be your lunch.

This could literally be your lunch.

Oh and we’re aiming to deliver in under 25 minutes. Yeah. You read that right.

So when you’re strapped for time or simply want a change from the banality of the Boots meal deal, or that Waitress lasagne, get yourself over to and order some food that will brighten your day.

With lunch,