You know the script. It’s Friday! Hurrah etc. See depiction of mood below. Joyous.
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But the real reason that little yellow guy is leaping with glee is because he knows that Friday means Eatupp’s Friday Digest! (Might be a slight stretch of the imagination but just let us have this one, ok?)

In the week where we still couldn’t get over the fact that the rich stay rich by hiding their money in hot far off islands where no-one cares too much about things like tax and morality, there were plenty of far more interesting things for our minds to dwell on. Here’s a little round up of some of those things for you to digest over lunch.


Monday saw one of the most extravagant and idiotic proposals to date. We’ve all heard of pranksScreen Shot 2016-04-15 at 08.27.16 on a significant other going a little too far, but this really takes the biscuit. Louisville, Kentucky (where else). A man with only romantic intentions enlisted the help of friends to stage a mugging before he would propose to his girlfriend. The couple were swarmed by the gang who started acting aggressively towards them before a policeman turned up, the entire group got down on their knees and sang a proposal to the girl. Fortunately, she said yes but claims she was ‘scared to death’. Smooth…

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Also on Monday, and too good to miss out of this weekly round up, the instagram account Mister_Krisp was brought to our attention. Jessica Siskins spends her time bringing snaps of celebrities pop to life (we couldn’t find a way to get crackle in there) with rice crispies! The sculptor, from New York, has made pictures of everyone from Kimmy K (dominating the header of this post) to David Bowie (Right. Obviously). We’re not gonna lie, we’re super impressed.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 08.39.13Tuesday

We’ve all seen those cringe-worthy baby photo shoots where the poor newborn is dressed in black tie and propped and begged not to throw up just for 10 minutes so the parents can get a nice picture of their little angel. On Tuesday, a slightly less… traditional… photo shoot of a baby took place. On Easter Sunday, Leah Knowles went in to Labour and they couldn’t reach Southend hospital in time so her husband pulled over in quite possibly one of the least desirable places to give birth known to man – a McDonald’s car park. Her baby, Logan, was delivered healthy and beautiful, and now the couple are commemorating and celebrating his birth place with a photo shoot dedicated to the Golden Arch. It’s even weirder when you see the pictures…

WednesdayScreen Shot 2016-04-15 at 08.40.09

We all know and love BrewDog for their strong morals, topsy turvy views of the world and great beer. That love might be about to grow even more as on Wednesday, an entire batch of BrewDog Punk IPA cans were recalled because an employee had played a prank. He had changed the inscription on the bottom of the cans to read ‘Mother [rude word] Day’. In any other company, this would be a hands down no questions asked sacking, but at BrewDog, your man was awarded employee of the month and sent home with a substantial amount of the recalled beer.

ThursdayScreen Shot 2016-04-15 at 08.46.49

On Thursday, we learnt of a story so ridiculous that trying to describe it is proving difficult. The headline itself sets us off… ‘Man arrested for trying to smuggle 18 live birds through airport customs stuffed down his trousers’. To be honest, the story is pretty self-explanatory. A man travelling from Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam to Taiwan was found with 18 endangered song birds down his trousers. The worst part was that he wasn’t even wearing baggy trousers (Madness, really!)

And here we are on Friday. One can only imagine what wonders this weird and wacky day could bring.┬áIf you encountered anything even more bizarre this week that you’d like to share with us, tweet us @EatuppLDN and tell us all about it. Wishing you all a merry weekend!
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