In the week that we learned that literally EVERYONE seems to have some dodgy offshore funds (you most definitely won’t have missed out on this one, and if you have then please don’t google it – ignorance is bliss) there were many other fascinating things going on around the world that deserve our attention, love, admiration, wonder and disgust. Here is this week’s Friday digest for your attention and digestion over lunch. Here’s to a grand week and cheers to the weekend!

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The stealthy undercover burglar


On Monday this week, a stealthy burglar raiding a house in Manukau, New Zealand, was almost rumbled when he spotted CCTV in the house he was stealing from. The quick-thinking thief took immediate action to hide his identity by going undercover. Literally. He grabbed a duvet off of a child’s bed and threw it over himself to hide from the cameras. The Manukau police division have now released the CCTV images in a public appeal to find the criminal.


It seems like airlines are never out of the news these days, but one snippet that might have passed you by is the firing of the United Airlines air hostess after her misconduct on Tuesday. Shortly after landing in Texas from Sacramento, California, the flight attendant reportedly activated the plane’s emergency slide and slid down it whilst the remainder of the crew and 159 passengers were held on the aircraft. The air hostess has not been tracked down to reveal why she chose to slide out of the plane, but there is a (hilariously blurry) video documenting her ‘inappropriate’ actions.


Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.37.48Hitting reptile fanatics across the world this Wednesday was the discovery of the 15ft cattle-destroying alligator. In Okeechobee, Florida, farmer Lee Lightsey, after being baffled by the disappearance of his cattle, went out to seek the mysterious predator with hunter Blake Godwin. Short in to their search, they discovered the beast. A 15ft (4.5m heck!) alligator. Wasting no time, Blake shot at the beast as it sprung at them from a pond. The alligator weighed in at 363kg, they needed a tractor and a forklift to hoist it out of the pond. You’ll notice that we’ve refrained from any ‘snap’ or ‘teeth’ puns in this segment – please be in awe of our self-restraint.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 12.21.55Thursday

On the theme of reptiles in unwanted places, Thursday’s bizarre story finds us in North Carolina with two unassuming electricians. A house due to be demolished by the City Council was being prepared for said demolition and two electricians were exploring the electricity box when they made a horrifying discovery – two giants snakes entwined in the circuits in the box. Unfortunately, one of the snakes electrocuted itself chewing through wires, and the other was electrocuted when it bit the other snake’s tail. A sad tail (give us this one, eh?) indeed for these slithering friends.

And that brings us on today, and whatever mysterious joys this fine Friday may bring.
Merry weekending, one and all!

With lunch,