In the week that we got an extra two days to register to vote because technology let us all down for the 1000000th time (our printer has also been broken all week so we’re feeling pretty bitter), there were a variety of things happening day to day that were most certainly not day to day things. Without further ado, here is our round up of the best and worst things that may have passed you by this week.


Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 09.05.59Doing its rounds on Monday was this adorable picture of a dance class who had a ‘Princess Day’ where they were all encouraged to dress up as their favourite Princess. Whilst her fellow dancers excitedly donned their finest Frozen gear or sparkly tutus & tiaras, one little girl decided to go against the grain and dress as a hot dog. Trending all across the web as #HotDogPrincess, she gained massive support and admiration from people all across the globe, praising her individuality. Food triumphs again! All hail the Hot Dog Princess!


Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 09.17.17We absolutely do not endorse McDonalds in any way (in fact quite the opposite really…) but you can’t fault them for their latest crazy marketing stunt. One lucky consumer of McDonalds ‘chicken’ nuggets could find themselves chomping down on a golden nugget instead! The promotion is being run in Japan and the premise is that a ‘nugget thief’ will be running around the country leaving hints, clues and information in McDonalds restaurants and on Twitter. People following the hunt are encouraged to share information on Twitter using a tag that translates to ‘mysterious nugget thief’. We wish all Japanese McDonalds enthusiasts the best of luck…



On Wednesday, the internet reared in horror at a photograph of a commuter with a rather unusual technique – if you can have a technique – of crossing her legs. Are you in awe or horrified? You know you want to try it…Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 09.53.16


Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 09.55.24Thursday

We’re no strangers to complaining about the weather. From a spot of drizzle to Storms with actual human names, we sometimes do really have a bit to moan about. This week, floods hit many parts of the UK, and a busy junction in Birmingham was hit pretty badly. Drivers were stunned as they approached a roundabout in Great Barr, Birmingham, to see their cars being overtaken by a man in a canoe on his way to the pub. Many people stopped to take a video, and in the background you can hear the spectators cheering the man in the canoe on! Rule Britannia!



Trending today in London on Twitter :

1. #Queenat90 – Go on Lizzie! Happy Birthday!
2. #FridayFeeling – A standard. We have brownies on our menu today to boost the #FridayFeeling
3. #Euros2016 – Bonne chance France (and Romania – do we really care who wins? Probably.)

Have a great Friday one and all.

With lunch,