You’ve made it through the week! Hallelujah, it’s Friday etc. It’s just hit lunch time and we’ve decided to bring you a round up of things you may have missed this week (being the busy bee that you are.) Here it is: Your Friday digest to read whilst you digest. (We’re not even going to apologise for the joke.)


Ducks are getting healthier, but are not as well fed. A report issued on Monday by the Canal and River Trust stated that there has been a 20% decrease in the number of people feeding ducks, with flocks being fed 80.000 LESS loaves. The Canal and River Trust have been quacking down (again, not sorry) on unhealthy duck diets, encouraging people to feed them seeds, fruit and nuts.


Alex Moss was decorating his room in his house in Prestwich when he stumbled across a creepy note. He discovered the note in the fireplace, and it read “Hello, welcome to my room, it’s 2001 and I am decorating this room. Hope you enjoy your life, remember that I will always be watching you! L8ers, Darren Lucas.” Oh how we really wish it didn’t say l8ers… Naturally, Alex did the only thing any of us would have done – he took to Twitter to try and track down the mysterious Darren Lucas using #finddarrenlucas and the two were connected within a matter of hours discussing good times gone by in the house and parties yet to come. All in all a pretty anti-climatic, pointless story, right? Too much reconciliation and not enough ghosts and spirits. L8ers Tuesday.


George Osbourne hit us with his dreaded budget. All in all, it was ok – you should make your own mind up. Most devastatingly, the new sugar tax will affect… GIN AND TONICS! With Schweppes tonic water falling in to the category of 5g or more of sugar per 100ml, it will be taxed at an extra 18p per litre. So the cost of your G&T won’t go up that much, but still… Reason to be outraged, no?


On a glorious, sunny St Paddy’s day, news reached us that SeaWorld was finally going to stop its orca breeding programme. They still say they won’t release their orcas in to the wild, but they are going to phase out their live whale shows over time, and soon SeaWorld will be cruelty-free! Bring on the Free Willy screenings!

And now it’s Friday!  There’s your weekly round up of ‘some stuff you might have missed this week’. You’re all caught up now, right? Wishing you all a fabulous Friday afternoon and evening and a wonderful weekend!

With lunch,