As the four day week flew past, we realised there was something we missed out. It only just felt like the weekend, so it couldn’t possible be time for our round up of things to do – surely not. Alas. Here it is – the five best things to do this weekend. A reminder that normal weekends are only two days long so you should be able to cram all of this in. Plus, it is supposed to be a scorcher this weekend and it’d be silly to miss out on the sunshine in favour of Netflix and indulging a hangover, right? Get out and about and tick of this list this weekend:

1. The London Original Print FairScreen Shot 2016-05-05 at 15.02.17

What the heck: Hop on down to the Royal Academy of Arts this weekend to feast your eyes (or get your hands) on some of the world’s finest prints. 50 print specialists are showcasing their best work. This pop up is a celebration of the printing world and will play host to old prints, new prints, up and coming artists and plenty of beautiful art work.
Where the heck: Royal Academy of Arts, Green Park
When the heck: Now until Sunday 8th May
How much tho’: £12 a ticket


Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 15.09.042. The Comedy About a Bank Robbery

What the heck: The West End debut of The Comedy About a Bank Robbery is still rolling on over in The Criterion Theatre. It’s ‘blurb’, if you will, reads “One enormous diamond, six incompetent crooks and a snoozing security guard. What could possibly go right?” instills a feeling of ‘what could possibly go wrong by booking a ticket to this?’ in us. Get your culture fix from this comedy gold this weekend.
Where the heck: Criterion Theatre, Piccadilly
When the heck: Now until next year. You’ve got a while…
How much tho’: Tickets from £20 wahoo!


Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 15.12.533. Art & Alcohol at the Tate Britain

What the heck: We, humankind that is, have a funny old relationship with alcohol. It can bring out the very best and the very worst in us. This installation at Tate Britain explores the relationship between… you guessed it… art and alcohol. Featuring a variety of prints, photos and sculptures, get along to this exhibition for booze-inspired brilliance.
Where the heck: Tate Britain, Pimlico
When the heck: Until August this year
How much tho’: FREEEEE


4Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 15.19.33. Street (Art and Craft) beer, Peckham

What the heck: A tour with a difference. Starting at Peckham Rye station, you will be guided through Peckham and East Dulwich to explore the eclectic street art. After taking in the beautiful creations adorning the streets, you’ll find yourself in the pretty little Brick brewery to sample some craft beer. Sounds like a pretty hipster afternoon if you ask us, but definitely a fantastic thing to do on a sunny Saturday, right? It sells out fast though so be quick!
Where the heck: Peckham Rye station
When the heck: Most Saturdays
How much tho’: A single tenner (£10)


Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 15.25.025. Wild Brunch Club: Foraging, cocktails & brunch

What the heck: Join the Wild Brunch Club on a walk around a London park to collect ingredients to cook up a foraged brunch. Foraging is all the rage right now, and brunch will never go out of fashion, so we’re pretty sure you can’t go wrong with this one. After your foraging session, you head to Mac & Wild to meet none other than the master distillers from The Botanist Gin for a gin masterclass and a wild brunch.
Where the heck: Mac & Wild, Great Titchfield Street
When the heck: 10am, Saturday, 7th May
How much tho’: Foraging tickets £40, no foraging £30


And there is your round up of things you really should be doing this weekend.
With lunch,