What a cracker of a week it’s been! It’s been true picnic, pimms and plenty-of-icecream weather if you ask us, and this weekend is set to be the same. If you don’t feel like lounging around in a park all weekend, here are our top tips on what to get up to.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 16.19.031. Hendrick’s Gin Ministry of Marginally Superior Transport

What the heck: Hop aboard the Hendrick’s bus for an out of the ordinary journey round London. The giant bus, disguised as a cucumber, is designed to make public transport that little bit more bearable. With stops across central London from Victoria to Kings Cross, passengers can climb aboard and enjoy plentiful imbibement from the bar – Hendrick’s, tonic and cucumber of course – as well as fresh refreshments in the shape of cucumber macaroons.
Where the heck: Various stops across central London
When the heck: From this weekend until 29th July
How much tho’: More than a regular bus fare, but worth it: £2.50!



2. Violet Beauregarde’s GumScreen Shot 2016-07-19 at 16.27.30

What the heck: Finally, someone’s gone and done it – a Charlie & the Chocolate inspired art installation. With an opening party and introductory events this week, this weekend sees Violet Beauregarde’s Gum go where no artist/food enthusiast has gone before. Curated by musician, Piney and food artist Alice Straker, the exhibition is truly full of imagination. Head on over to make your own vegetable village and taste edible artwork.
Where the heck: White Conduit Projects, 1 White Conduit Street N1 9EL
When the heck: Opening party tomorrow night, exhibition runs until Saturday 23rd July
How much tho’: FREEEEEEE



Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 17.10.213. Alexandra Palace Summer Festival

What the heck: Ally Pally’s gates are open once again for the Annual Summer Festival! Street food, craft beer, an outdoor cinema, a silent disco, giant waterslide – what more could you want? If the weather continues as it has been, it’s set to be a smashing day out. Oh! Did we mention there is a pram race? You might find that interesting, you might not.
Where the heck: Alexandra Palace
When the heck: Saturday 23rd July
How much tho’: FREEEEEE (although bring some cash for food and drinks)



Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 17.11.054. The Moretti Gran Tour Pasta Making

What the heck: Everyone’s tried to make a pizza. Everyone’s had a go at fresh pasta (if you actually haven’t, we don’t blame you…) But this weekend, you can finally master that dough kneading and that pasta grinding (we’re not quite sure this is the correct terminology…) at The Moretti Gran Tour Pasta Making masterclass. You’ll be guided through the creation of a beautiful Italian meal by expert Italian chefs, and to top it off, your meal will be paired with a Birra Moretti to enjoy whilst you eat.
Where the heck: Brick Lane Yard
When the heck: Now until Sunday 24th July
How much tho’: £15 for your masterclass and meal!



5. Just Eat Food FestScreen Shot 2016-07-19 at 17.38.32

What the heck: The beauty of weekends (for most of us) is that there is no work. No dragging yourself in to the office on a beautiful bright sunny day when you would rather be making your own pasta or going on a giant waterslide. The downside of weekends is that you don’t get to order Eatupp. That’s why we usually try and pop a little food-related goodness in to our recommendations to tide you over the weekend. This weekend, get yourself along to the Just Eat Food Fest where there are literally hundreds of great food places for you to eat. Just grab some tokens at one of the stalls, relax and let the good times and flavours roll.
Where the heck: Red Market, Shoreditch
When the heck: Friday 22nd July 5pm until Sunday 24th July 9pm
How much tho’: FREEEEE but bring dolla dolla for the food tokens


Have a glorious weekend!

With lunch,