We’re past the mid-week mundanity and now the muddling-through commences, right? Or maybe you’re feeling a little bit more positive than that? The sun is in the sky (and the sky is blue) and it looks like it might actually stay dry long enough to take a gander outside your living room this weekend. So what if the Met Office predicts clouds – as long as those clouds stay firmly in the sky and don’t come plummeting down to earth as a miserable rainy downpour it’s all grand with us. So, what to do this dry weekend? You know what’s coming next. Yes, it’s our weekly recommendations of the best things to do in London this weekend.

1. Street Feast at Model MarketScreen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.03.38

What the heck: At Eatupp, it’s no secret that we love food. No, we live for food. So any time something tasty and delectable comes on to our radar, you’re sure to hear it highly recommend. This weekend, get yourself over to Lewisham to Model Market. A Street Feast hosted fiasco which is the self-proclaimed ‘European Capital of VIBES’ (their words, not ours.) With food stalls ranging from outrageous (seriously outrageous) donuts to good old jerk bbq, your taste buds won’t be disappointed. Report back on the #vibes if you do go
Where the heck: Model Market, Lewisham High St
When the heck: 5pm-1am, Friday 15th and Saturday 16th April
How much tho’: FREE before 7pm (then only £3, go on)


2. Get your weekly culture fix at Annie’s 1000 PlaysScreen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.12.23

What the heck: Young playwright Annie Jenkins wrote and produced 1000 plays for the Shakespeare in Shoreditch festival this weekend. The Rude Mechanicals (yes it is a fab name for a theatre troupe) will be attempting to perform 1000 plays in 10 days in schools, parks, bars and markets in Hackney. You can catch quite a few plays this weekend. They’re only mini plays after all…
Where & when the heck: 10am, Hoxton St Market, 2pm, PEER, Saturday 16th April

3pm, Gillett Square, Sunday 17th April
How much tho’: FREEEEE


3. Undressed: A Brief History of UnderwearScreen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.19.57

What the heck: Look, the V&A came up with the dodgy pun-named exhibition not us, and we’re doing our best to resist any further pants jokes (sorry). If you’re strapped for something to do this weekend, you could do far worse then getting yourself over to the V&A to marvel at some ladies (and men’s) underwear. Undressed looks at the changing trends in underwear and lingerie and displays over 200 items ranging for Queen Vic’s underskirts to barely there leather thongs
Where the heck: The V&A, Cromwell Road
When the heck: From now until next March (there’s really no rush)
How much tho’: £11-£13.50

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 13.32.234. Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones

What the heck: The Saatchi Gallery plays host to an exhibition of all things Stones. Showcasing over 500 miscellaneous artefacts on display, all original and genuine Rolling Stones paraphernalia (they confirmed/donated/unwillingly gave up each item themselves) Exhibitionism is an insight in to 50 years of rock n roll success exploring the band that brought us the iconic lolling tongue
Where the heck: The Saatchi Gallery
When the heck: From now until September (again, no rush but still worth going to now)
How much tho’: A steep £24, but worth it we reckon

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 13.38.055. House of Vans: Best of Indie

What the heck: Calling all cinema lovers! This weekend at House of Vans you can see some pretty nifty independent film screenings. Hidden under the Old Vic tunnels, the House of Vans this weekend transforms from grungy skatepark in to quirky cinema. With the best of independent films on all weekend, there’s bound to be something that takes your fancy. Best of all, it doesn’t need to be sunny for you to go! Catch Girlhood, The Second Mother and Ex Machina this weekend
Where the heck: House of Vans
When the heck: Friday, Saturday & Sunday, times vary
How much tho’: FREEEE and best of all no booking required! Yasss.


Happy weekending, Eatuppers!

With lunch,